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Lots of people are in the trenches dealing with frustrating situations on a daily basis. Here are some of the most recent stories that we have received:

  • My cheating boss: My boss is nuts. We work for a nonprofit where money isn’t the only thing absent; ethics are in short supply as well. Some of her duties require my boss to interact with city officials. She went off on the City Manager last Thursday, accusing him of sabotaging our organization. In reality, I’m pretty sure she is using federal grant money to line her own Prada…… Read »
  • Tipsy boss: My boss is a lush! When she is sober, she is respectful and appropriate like a pillar of society but get a few drinks in her and look out! All decorum goes out the window and she starts letting loose with nastiness you wouldnt believe. … Read »
  • Listen to me: At the beginning of the year, our CEO challenged the sales division of our small consulting firm to come up with new ways to expand our reach. I spent the last three months independently researching and verifying an excellent new revenue opportunity….. Read »

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