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The red tape shuffle
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10 March 2005

Dear F@W
Ever feel like a gerbil running in one of those wheels? All day long I try to make some sort of progress, only to find I’m right back where I started. Every project at this place has to get done yesterday. That’s not the problem; the problem is that we have to get approval from everyone on the management team. We joke about the red tape shuffle but it really wastes a lot of time. I have to go to Jack with Jill’s ok, before I can go to John and say Jack approved, before I can go to Jane and say John give the thumbs up. It’s a ridiculous process and I’m sick of it. Do you have any suggestions about how to stop the madness?
–Steve, Richmond VA

Dear Steve
It can be really frustrating to have to deal with what you consider to be unnecessary formalities. However, what if you viewed these formalities from a different perspective, and instead saw as your job as a game of chess? In order to score a check mate, you might have to get some pieces out of the way, position some pieces for attack, and ultimately neutralize all opposition to your project. So too with getting a job done in the workplace.

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