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1 February 2005

Dear F@W
Two of my coworkers argue constantly and they have turned my workplace into an elementary school playground by trying to get me to take sides. The problem is we’re not kids anymore and one of the idiots just happens to my supervisor. I tried to just stay out of it but my boss is now turning into the school yard bully saying that unless I go along and trash the other guy, he’s gonna give me a bad review. I’d like to report him to the Principal (aka the head of the company) but I’m worried my boss will “beat me up after school” once he finds out. How do I get back into the adult world?
–Eric - Houston, Texas

Dear Eric
Reporting another employee to the boss is always a tricky proposition. Once it gets back to the employee (in this case your supervisor), there is no doubt the he will be angry with you. I recommend that you go to your supervisor, and let him know that you feel uncomfortable about criticizing another employee. Tell him that criticizing another employee will only serve to make matters worse, and ask him if there is anything you can do to try and help resolve matters between him and this other employee. If your supervisor rejects your offer and repeats the threat to give you a bad review, then see if you can find another supervisor to work under.

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