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You can talk about the issue
 •  You can talk about the issue
 ·  Step 1: The setting
 ·  Step 2: The rules
 ·  Step 3: The discussion

Sometimes talking about a problem can shed a whole new light on the problem. Approaching the person you have a problem with can be a daunting task at times, but it has the potential to transform your relationship, especially if the person had no idea that you felt this way.

When to talk

  • Your boss or co-workers need to hear about the problem
  • They would be receptive to what you have to say
  • They might be willing to help you remedy the problem

When not to talk

  • Your boss or co-workers are totally self-absorbed and there’s no point
  • They will use the information to hurt you politically
  • They are likely to escalate the issue into a full-blown conflict

Naturally, there are also those borderline cases when you are not sure what kind of response you will get from the person. In these situations, it might help to check with a few people who know the person to get a read on what type of response you might expect.

Getting started
If you do decide to approach the person, bear in mind that some conversations are like hot liquid. For the liquid to be safely conveyed, it needs a safe and sturdy container. Here is a technique you can use to communicate with the person in a whole new way.

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