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Hoarding for survival
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17 December 2004

Dear F@W
Our company gives out transportation tickets to employees and the keeper of these tokens is a royal bitch. To avoid her highness as much as possible, I request lots of tokens at one time. My boss got wind of this and has accused me of hoarding the tokens – like I’m some hamster stuffing my cheeks full of the damn things. I’d like to take all the tokens and shove them you know where but now that my boss is involved, I don’t know what to do.
–Aliza - Miama, FL

Dear Aliza
Sometimes office managers can create more obstacles than they were put there to resolve. If your office manager is one of these, then I suggest that you either find a way to work with her, or look for a way to bypass her. If you want to find a way to work with her, I suggest you set up a time to talk with her when you can ask her if there is anything you could do to make her job easier. No matter how she answers, she will be impressed that you took the time to ask this question, and her attitude may be different from now on. If not, schedule another meeting with her in a few weeks, and ask the same question again. That will send the message that you are serious.

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