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3 December 2004

Dear F@W
My boss is the very definition of a hypocrite. He loafs around all day, coming and going as he pleases. He goes to the gym, he plays golf, he takes three hour lunches, he never stays past 5, and he delegates every single task he is responsible for. Yet, he constantly harps on the rest of us to work harder and be responsible. He was all over my case to get a report completed and didn’t even realize it had been sitting on his desk for days! However, if I ever need to leave the office early he gives me the third degree and requires me to make up the time or take PTO. Last week I had to schedule an emergency doctor’s appointment and all he could say was, “when are you going to make up the time?” I couldn’t believe his lack of compassion and disregard for my situation. We are all salaried professionals, yet he treats us like irresponsible high-school kids. I am a responsible and reliable employee and I like what I do, but I can’t put up with his hypocrisy and lack of human compassion any more. What should I do?
–Suzanne, Morristown NJ

Dear Suzanne
It can be difficult working for a boss who seems to hold himself to a different set of standards than he holds you and the others. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about your boss’s hours. As to the question of how sympathetic the boss is to your needs, you can do something. I would approach the boss after your doctor’s appointment, and let him know that you were troubled by his seeming lack of concern for your health when you requested time off for a doctor’s appointment. You could mention that you are committed to your job, but you are also committed to your health, and you hope that he understands that the one cannot exist without the other.

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