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12 November 2004

Dear F@W
The company I currently work for is a sinking ship. I have been covertly looking around for a bigger, better, and more secure job. While I was looking, I found out that my company plans to fire me! Unbelievable. They can’t afford me anymore so they found someone at half my salary and zero experience. Even though I have a new job starting soon, I have not yet given notice to my current company. So now, I’m getting fired and they want me to train my own replacement. Regardless of the fact that I am landing on my feet, I’m ticked off that they think it’s ok to let me train the person who is booting me out. What if I didn’t have a job waiting? Can you imagine how awful it would be if that were the case? I am really insulted by this situation and have lost all loyalty to the company. I plan to quit the day I get my walking papers. That will leave them in the lurch with no one to train the newbie. Any advice?
-Dave, Reston, VA

Dear Dave,
I can understand your frustration at being asked to assist with your own removal. However, from what you tell me, your termination has nothing to do with your performance, and has everything to do with finances. First, I would take the time to meet with my boss to find out whether there were any other factors affecting my termination. If he/she is honest with you, you may learn something about what kind of employee you have been. Second, I would be gracious in bringing the new employee up to speed (provided it does not interfere with your departure). You have nothing to gain by refusing, and everything to gain by cooperating. By this I mean that ending off a relationship on good terms is important for receiving a reference, and being collegial with others who work in the same industry.

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