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Bring in an expert
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Sometimes the only way to get people to hear what you have been saying all along is to bring in an expert. An expert will make sure that you are taken seriously.

When to bring in an expert

  • People need to take the issues more seriously
  • The issue is so complicated that an expert will be able to break it down into manageable chunks
  • You have tried many times and you can’t do it yourself

When not to bring in an expert

  • You can simply resolve the issue yourself
  • Your boss will try to sabotage the endeavor or retaliate
  • Your boss is totally close-minded to trying something new
  • Time is of the essence and an immediate decision is necessary

Which expert to bring in
A wide array of avenues are open to you. They vary significantly in the types of issues they handle, the time and costs involved, and the amount of control that the disputing parties have over the outcome. Following is an overview of litigation, arbitration, mediation, and facilitation. We also provide additional information about mediation and facilitation because we have found that these options are the least expsensive, and enable the parties to retain control of the process.

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