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15 September 2004

Dear F@W,
Our organization is a new age mess. Our executive director has a posse she brought with her from her last job. They are all very bohemian and crunchy. Those of us that have been there for a long time find it hard to come to terms with the new way of doing things. Not only do we have philosophical differences, we don’t agree on the best way to provide our services. There is a great amount of tension between staff, and instead of trying to work things out, the executive director hired a Feng Shui consultant to improve the flow of the office. Now we have desks with rounded corners and water fountains in the background, but the tension and professional differences persist. What can I do short of suggesting a spiritual house cleaning?
–Maria, Rockford, Illinois

Dear Maria,
It seems that your executive director is grasping at straws by having the office environment re-arranged. Perhaps you could suggest to her that there may be other issues at stake that are causing the tensions to persist. See if she is receptive to this conversation, and if not, wait until there is another outbreak of the problem before approaching her again to discuss it. At that point, she may be more receptive to the issues that you raise.

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