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18 January 2006

Dear F@W
One of my primary roles at work is to analyze financials and report on them. I continue to have problems with the managers in my organization when it is time to update these reports. Despite my best efforts, and the setting of deadlines, I am hardly ever able to obtain the requested information from the managers. When I complained to the team leaders about the managers, they were sympathetic but continue to hold me responsible for obtaining the information from the managers? What can I do to help the situation?

–Monique, Florida

Dear Monique,
The problem to which you refer relates to the culture of your organization. If there is a culture of avoiding responsibility, or not submitting information on time, then people will exploit it to their benefit. Unfortunately, in your position there is not much you can do to change the culture. What you can do is send a carbon copy to the team leaders of every message that you send out to the managers requesting updates. By keeping a running record of your efforts to receive the necessary information, you can avoid being blamed when the reports are not submitted on time, or are incomplete.

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